Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 - the year of the ...


Yes indeedy folks, I am declaring that 2014 needs to be the year of the WIPs around here.  I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions but looking around my sewing space I realise that I really need to make plans to tackle the gathering piles.

For purposes of this 'plan' I am also going to include Projects in Waiting (PIWs).  These aren't just projects that are random ideas in my head, but ones I've actually already gathered the fabrics for and are sitting awaiting my time and attention.

So, having had a good old root around, here are the WIPs and PIWs taking up space in my sewing room right now:

I think the pile of blocks is actually larger than this now.

1 & 2 - Siblings Together Churn Dash Quilts
Generously donated blocks enough for two quilts have arrived so my first step will be laying both quilts out before getting cracking.  They need to be donated to the charity this summer, but my aim is to finish them by the end of February.

3 - hipBees Quilt no 2
I kicked off year 2 of hipBees in September by asking the Bees for black and white concentric square blocks with a pop of colour.  All of the blocks have been in for some time but I just haven't had a chance to get to them, so again laying out is the next stage of moving this WIP closer to completion.  I would like to see a finished quilt by the end of March.

4 - Scrumptious Brick Layer Cake Quilt
Started with much enthusiasm and haste the Brick Layer Cake Quilt top has been hanging on the back of the door awaiting its backing and basting.  Maybe if Feb and Mar are kind to me if could be finished by the end of March too(?)

5 - Mystery Medallion Quilt
If you followed the beginnings of this quilt, you'll know that I have no set plans and am simply working it up border by border and recording it all for you in case you'd like to join in or come back to it another time.  I now know what I want to do for border 4 but it's going to take more time than I've got in January so it looks like it will be Feb before I pick this one up again.  Would give you a chance to work on a centre and the first three borders to catch up if you wanted to work the rest along with me when the time comes ;-)  Anyway, hopefully Feb will see me picking up progress with this one. I'm not setting a finish date since I have no idea how much more there will be to it yet.

6 - Ruby Churn Dash bed quilt
I started these blocks on my hols last summer and have made a dozen or so more since.  There are still quite a few to make but they are all cut, so fingers crossed when I knock a few of the other WIPs off the list it will be easy to get stuck into these again.  Since the plan is to have this as a summer quilt for our bed, I hope to finish it by the end of May if possible. (Yes, optimistically predicting a nice warm June!)

7 - Crazy Scrappy block quilt
My scrap busting efforts from time to time over the past year or so have produced 16 of these cheery blocks and there is navy fabric on standby for sashing.  Could this be one to tackle over the summer aiming for a late September finish perhaps?

8 - Kaffe Fassett Sparkling Gemstones Quilt
Now this fabric has been patiently stored in a box for about two years (to my shame).  I even knew the pattern I wanted to use for it (from one of the Lintott's Jellyroll books).  From time to time I have toyed with using the fabrics in other projects, and while I can't promise that still won't happen, they were destined for this particular quilt so I think I should just get on with it. Hoping that 2014 will see those fabrics out of that box!

9 - Grey and Aqua quilt
These fabrics and a few more that have since been stashed in a bag under my sewing table feel so calming to me and I have wanted to whip them into a quilt from the moment Di sent the gorgeous curtain as a backing fabric.  Just never got around to it.  So, even though there's no hard and fast plan as yet, it's all there for the playing with in 2014.  I'm thinking maybe a quilt of oversized blocks, but I'm happy to see what grabs my attention as the year progresses and while the other WIPs get ticked off my list.  I'd like to see it finished by November.

Of course, it's going to be very dull if this prescriptive list is all I allow myself to tackle during the year.  After all, one needs room for creative deviation from time to time, so there will be Bee blocks and gifts and (hopefully) more cushions for my lounge too.  I really would like 2014 to be a year when I finish more than I start (for a change) and when I make use of the fabrics and stash I have collected purposefully.

Now that I've laid all of that out, I should warn you that there will be little activity on the sewing/blogging front for the next few weeks (Bee commitments excepted).  I'm taking a wee breather from the blog and the sewing room while I catch up or just keep up with the rest of what's happening here just now.  I am soooooo looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and resuming normal service before the end of the month, so don't forget about me!

I hope you all have fun sewing plans for 2014 and cannot wait to see what creativity and inspiration will abound this new year!

Ta ta for now!


  1. Lots of New Year's resolutions! Just keep it up! One at a time! I am also eager to start finishing some projects. What the New Year does to you!!!

  2. have a good break and of course we wont forget you xgood luck with the finishes .. and a few little aside projects x

  3. So many lovely projects and fabrics! I hope you get some well deserved sewing time to work on them this year, Jxo

  4. Good luck with the list, and hope you survive the rest of January!

  5. That's quite a list! Enjoy your breather :)

  6. We won't forget about you .... You have some lovely wip and they will look even better once they are finished!

  7. I think you have the lovliest pile of WIP's that I have seen. That ate all gorgeous, wish I lived nearer and I could give you a hand!

  8. Really..... "that ate"????..... they are. (Stupid small keyboard and auto spell)

  9. They are a lovely bunch of projects, you will have lots of fun with them!

  10. some lovely projects you have here to work on, seeing your crazy blocks reminds me I have a green, blue, pink and yellow set, must look for them and maybe add a couple and finish them like you plan to. You are so quick with what you do there will be no problem finishing these

  11. Lots of pretty projects to keep you busy then! I too love that grey and aqua curtain fabric - such a calming palate.

    PIW what a great term. I might have one or too of these too!

    Enjoy your little break. I will await your return x

  12. Wow! This is a list. Lots of gorgeous things there worth waiting to see them finished.

  13. Oh Sarah, the kaffe fassett fabric is crying out to be used. It is cruel to keep all that warmth in a box!

  14. You make me feel like I am normal with all my wips. Thank you! ;-)


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