Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Queen Bee Again

I may develop royal pretensions being Queen Bee this soon after my last turn (May) but, after a little re-jigging of months for hipBees' second round, I am the lucky Bee who beat all of the others to the top of the queue (wink) to kickstart the new Bee year.  We have said goodbye to some of our fabulous original Bees (Bye! - sob, sob) but have welcomed some lovely new Bees in their place (Hi!) and are all set for another fun year of block making.

So from these black and white prints

and these pops of colour

I have asked the Bees for concentric box blocks like these -

My blocks
I am hoping for random concentric boxes alternating in black and white final rounds with occasional colour rounds or centre square.  I think this will be a fun quilt and I'm already excited to see blocks appearing on the flickr page.

Go to it Bees!


  1. Miss you already! And this is a great block choice!

  2. I'm relying on you for updates on this gorgeousness since I've been kicked out the Flickr group! It'll look brilliant!

  3. They were a joy to make...thanks for an easy block to get us newBees settled in.

  4. You have made a great choice Sarah, it's going to look fantastic

  5. Love your design, and I know you'll get a brilliant quilt from everyone's blocks. Jxo

  6. such mouth watering fabrics and like the box shaped blocks

  7. I love the squares in squares like this, and they will look great with your colour choices.

  8. I am loving this month's challenge! Di x


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