Friday, 20 September 2013

On a whim

and on the scrounge.

The whim led me to enter a quilt in this week's Quilting Gallery's Show and Tell.  The theme is "quilts for teens" and as I was reading the blog post yesterday I thought, "I've made one of those",  and next thing I know I've uploaded a pic and a blurb and pressed "submit".  Not very like me, but I did.

This is the "Sweetest Sixteen" quilt I made for my niece last year - all funky Amy Butler goodness!

So now I'm on the scrounge for your votes.  If you have a wee mo and are interested pop over and see if my quilt is your fave.  If it is vote for it, or even for one of the others if they're better.  You could try entering the weekly giveaway while you're there.  Never know what you might win!


  1. I love a bit of Amy Butler and am very happy to give you my vote :)

  2. Good luck! Voting isn't opened yet though :o(

  3. great quilt, popped over for the vote but could not work the site out, will have a look later and see if my brain is in gear by then

  4. I have been and voted. Gorgeous quilt Sarah

  5. Good luck! I keep thinking I should enter one of these days - I'm just waiting for the right category to come up! :-)


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