Saturday, 23 February 2013

Making Me Smile - 8/52

If I had stopped yakking for long enough today to remember to take a photo, this Making Me Smile post would have a pic of Judith and I having lunch and a good old catch up.  Big old smile on this face for sure!

Instead, I will just have to show you some other lovelies that have put a smile on my chops today, starting with this lovely gift from J -

She knows me well.  Yummy and thank you, my lovely friend!

After lunch, we may have been slightly distracted by some fabric shopping.  Spots were my fabric of choice today.  

Aren't these colours gorgeous?

And, because I hate shopping but LOVE a bargain, here's a pic of some clothes I picked up for work and a silvery butterfly mac all at 25% off!

Oh yeah, and a wee bit of Daniel Craig for just £7 (if you're interested the offer is available at Sainsbury's if you spend £30 on groceries or clothes)!

Hmmm, what's not to smile about?


  1. LOL! I had my camera with me today too and completely forgot to use it! Your new threads look lovely, esp. like the mac. And yes, Daniel has made it into our house for only £7 too! jxo

  2. How lovely to spend time with Judith!!

  3. Awe, sounds and looks like a fantastic afternoon!


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