Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cheeky Win!

Look what I won!

Di had a lovely blogiversary giveaway recently and Mr Random Generator looked favourably upon me. If you have followed my naughty behaviour over the past few weeks with Di's geese block, you'll understand if I say that perhaps in this instance he should be called Mr Ransom Generator!

In any case, my number came up and Mr Postie delivered this beautiful triple zippy earlier this week. Looks like I'm sorted with a little pouch for all my FQR bits and bobs this summer!  Thanks Di for a lovely giveaway, such a pretty pouch and the bonus zips and for not redrawing with Mr Ransom, even though I have been so cheeky these past few weeks and don't deserve this.

Off to stuff it full of bits and bob now!


  1. I was so pleased when I saw you had won. Lovely pouch.

  2. Lucky you, what a nice win x ENJOY!

  3. A girl can never have too many zips, or pouches, or chocolate for that matter! Jxo

  4. oh what a lovely prize!! well done x

  5. I was thrilled it was you who won!


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