Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sewing Tool Case

I have a lovely little sewing box that can travel with me to my classes each week but it's just a wee bit too small for my bigger tools - large scissors, rotary cutter and the make-up brush I keep to dust off the sewing machine. So, as I was making up the weekend/project bag, I stitched up a matching oversized zippered pencil case to hold them all.

I lost count of the number of times I tried to straighten out the seams of the patches, but there was stretch in the fabrics I just didn't seem able to counteract.  Irritating as it is, I have just accepted the slightly wonky back in favour of having a finished case on this occasion.  Besides it doesn't look too bad from the front and it's even big enough to fit my 6.5" square ruler.

All loaded up with essentials.
How lovely to have matching project accessories all made by me!

Tool case with matching project bag - not a great picture, sorry!

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  1. Who's been a busy bee! Loving the travel case - you could use it for all sorts of things. A pvc lining and you've got a cosmetic/toiletry bag too - the sky's the limit! Jxo


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