Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hot Choco Block (aka Mug Rug)

So, my lovely son has been helping me trial a packet of Berol fabric pens for a bigger project I'm planning for later this year/early next.  In our usual waste-not-want-not vein we decided to make something from his practice efforts and, since he and I were both looking for a quick finish, we opted for a handy mug rug.  Except that we have christened this one a "Hot Choco Block" instead in honour of his favourite hot drink!

Design and fabric choices were up to Andrew and given that my stash of fabrics is mainly "girly"  he chose really well.  I love those blue Riley Blake circles (note to self - see if I can get hold of a little more this fabric).

My photos don't do justice to the personalisation of his design but I think it's great and love the eagerness with which we spent the morning working it out together. The alternate squares in the 9 patch start at the top left hand corner with "I like to..." and then each one thereafter has one of his hobbies "orienteer", "read", "explore" and "cycle".

Now off to make the Hot Chocolate to adorn it!

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  1. Well done Andrew & Mum! What a fab Hot Choco Block. So cute! Wonder who Andrew gets his creativity from? Jxo


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