Monday, 1 April 2019

Mini Archie's March Furtle

Archie The Wonder Dog

Hello there!

March was a much quieter month stitch-wise than I'd have liked, but c'est ma vie!

I did manage to overcome the woe of having to unpick the quilting disaster on my son's quilt, and it's all looking much nicer now. And, extra bonus, it's finished!!

A bit of a diversionary project resulted in a finished virus scarf too.  If you like to crochet and haven't tried this pattern yet, you should give it a go.  It works up really nicely and gets off to a speedy start, though of course as the rounds get bigger it seems to slow down a bit.  I have referenced some patterns and a useful video tutorial on my original post, if you are interested.

Back in January I decided my goals were:

1) to find time for more - progress and prep
2) to sew my stash and scraps (and generally use what I've already got)

Well, I didn't do so well on the time thing as life bit hard this month, but I did use up two balls of yarn from stash for the scarf and the quilt made use of lots of fabric that had been specially collected over a couple of years.  Aside from buying replacement threads for the quilting, everything used was already here.  Somehow though, the stash boxes still look just as full!!

I hope you've all had the month you wanted - productive, relaxed or otherwise.  I'm hoping to pop in on some of you through the Furtle shortly.

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  1. Love your finishes! I too did major unstitching this month. The quilt and scarf turned out lovely!!!

  2. Great finishes. I have been trying to use up stash recently, last week I made eight bunny bags for easter and all were made from the huge scrap pile. I will make a few more next week and it won't even make a dint in the scrap but i do enjoy feeling that they are practically free to make. x

  3. Lovely scarf and quilt. I often think I would like to learn to crochet, but then I remember I have too much fabric and no where to keep yarn! :)

  4. That scarf is gorgeous!! And congratulations once again for finishing the quilt!! (I still haven't bought quilting thread to redo mine!) I hope April is proving to be a kind month with lots of sewing time? Thanks for furtling!


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