Thursday, 31 January 2019

Mini Archie's January Furtle

Archie The Wonder Dog

Do you plan to furtle?  Isn't that a fab word?  Furtle. Furtle. Go a-furtling - do you think you can say "go a-furtling"?  I like it, so I might say it regardless of whether it's correct or not ;-)  Oh, rebel me!

If you don't know what I'm waffling on about you need to check out this post on Archie the Wonder Dog's blog.  In essence, Mini Archie (MA) and his lovely friends are hoping to encourage us back to our blogs - dusting them off and starting to chat again about our stitching, or indeed any crafty exploit.  Go and read the post, MA says it so much better than I can.

Honestly, the little invitation to a monthly link up with other bloggers again is quite timely.  Following personal musings as to whether or not to continue or 'retire' my blog towards the end of 2018, I ultimately decided that I like the blogging medium and while I really miss the engagement that there once was through blogging, I'm not ready to stop yet.  Since then, I've really tried to post more often again which, of course, has been helped greatly by finding a little more time to sew. Long may it continue!  So, here's to connecting again and sharing and 'furtling' through more blogs.  Please do join in!

As you can see from my posts this month, I've had a fairly productive January and it feels great! Life doesn't always lend itself to this level of stitching activity and I am extremely grateful for it.  These efforts were fuelled by lots of preparation at the end of my Christmas break from work.  It seems that good preparation time really helps me make progress when I make it to time behind the machine.  

I've also been working hard to use up what I've already got - that's fabric, scraps, WIPs, all of it. Back in the high days of blogging and Flickr groups and Bees and swaps, I immersed myself in all that was going on and enjoyed building a stash to work from with options 'in case' someone made a particular Bee request, or I wanted to make something for a swap partner.  It was fun, it was exciting and I loved it.  I hadn't foreseen that I was about to lose my liberal sewing time and ability to connect in ways I had previously, so I have this lovely, but rather large stash and collection of scraps and incomplete projects that deserve better than to be sitting in ugly plastic storage boxes all over my bedroom.  (My bedroom also deserves better than the boxes!)  I expect it will take some time to make much of a dent in it all, but I have made a start and will keep on raiding my boxes before heading to the online shopping option.  The beady-eyed among you will now understand the proliferation of Bonnie & Camille projects lately, and still to come.

So, it looks like I have 2 goals for 2019 -
  1. find time for more - preparation and progress
  2. sewing my stash and scraps

It's a plan, right?  

I hope you have inspiring plans for your stitchy/crafty 2019 too!

Thank you MA and friends for encouraging us all to re-connect.


  1. You've managed some super makes there, Sarah, and I quite agree that preparation is key! I particularly like the over-the sofa-arm sewing kit organiser--could do with one of those myself! :D I hope you find little bits of time to prep and then to stitch as it's so satisfying and rewarding, isn't it?
    (Hazel from WP)

  2. I've loved seeing your recent makes (although I think I'm behind on my commenting, again!) and I'm thrilled that you're going to go a-furtling this year! I also agree that doing a bit of prep so that, when you do have some sewing time, you can get straight into it is key to making progress. I also find having a clear idea of what I'll do next helps because then I don't spend my sewing time dithering over thread choice or how to put the zip in because I've already done my thinking while, say, eating my breakfast. Of course, I don't have a cutie like CT to distract me from thinking about sewing over breakfast..! Thanks for linking up and spreading the word about furtling! *waves pompoms*

  3. Aw lovely to touch base again Sarah. I don't have a huge stash but still would love to just work through it.

  4. How great that you've found a little time again to sew. It certainly helps to be organised, and in a way having a large stash means that getting the fabric has already been taken care of. Lovely makes you're showing in your photos too!

  5. You've made a beautiful collection of things during January. Good lucj with your 2019 goals :)

  6. Some great makes, well done. I really like that 'over the arm' sewing station.

  7. Lovely to 'meet you, Sarah!I lived See if your projects and your aim to use what you already have has inspired me! Thank you x


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