Saturday, 19 May 2018

Twister Quilt Finish

Next up for a finish from my WIPs list is the Twister Quilt.  

She got a bit of diagonal serpentine stitch quilting attention and looks so good for it!

Then, I used this bright Joel Dewberry print, which was the inspiration print for this quilt's colour palette, to bind it.  I LOVE binding, have I told you that before? (Only a hundred times, probably.)

And then, there was proper sunshine to take a picture of the finished article!

This shot is just to show off that quilt texture. Isn't it nice?

Just like that 10 WIPs is now 9!  Go me!

If you like this quilt, you will find my tutorial here for this really satisfying simple block.  I am determined that one day I WILL make another one.  This one is being gifted later this summer to my one niece who hasn't yet had a quilt from me.

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