Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Doll's Bedlinens

Little Miss CT is likely to find an Ikea Duktig Doll's Bed in her Christmas morning gifts and ever since I saw the lovely Sheila Blue Patch Quilter make a series of quilts for her pretty granddaughter's doll bed, I've thought that a bedlinen remake on the original is a great idea!

It was great to find that the Diamonds and Ruffles quilt in Sedef Imer's 'Quilt Petite' has been designed to fit just this bed.  Winner!

I chose not to make the diamond centre panel, simply because of time pressures but if you had time it would be worth it!  Instead, I used this very cute little postage stamp print which comes from the same range as the cake stands fabric on the final borders (see below).

The remaining borders were chosen to co-ordinate with colours in the main panel.  A sweet aqua gingham, lilac polka dot and slightly bolder deep pink spot.  A little piece of lace all adds to the pretty, don't you think?

I found it a little strange to be making a quilt wider than it is long, but it will be perfect for the drape down the sides of the Ikea bed.  Once it was all pieced I added a little orange peel quilting to the panel but kept the borders just stitch in the ditch.

Sedef's pattern includes a cute pillow which I couldn't resist stitching up too! 

Then, rather boring but essential, I decided to make Dolly a new mattress for the bed too.  Four layers of wadding enclosed in lilac polka dot ought be enough plump for dolly's weary body after a day's play with CT!!

 Certainly an improvement on the one provided with the bed!

Dolly looks as though she will be quite comfy in her new bedlinens, don't you think?  It's up to the elves now to get the bed frame built on time!

Duktig Doll's bed, photo from

Not sure about you, but I think I'd rather have the postage stamps and cake stands than this 'bunk house' style original.  

ETA - to see pics of the finished bed click here.


  1. Very sweet, she will be thrilled. x

  2. oh so gorgeous, and I can just imagine how dolly will be trailed in and out of that bed often!

  3. It's gorgeous! I made doll pram bedding for my niece one year, and it took far longer than I anticipated to make the mattress as it was shaped and I only had the piece of paper I'd squashed into the pram base and drawn round as a guide...

  4. I love the job of being your fabric quilt.
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