Sunday, 2 July 2017

FAL 2017 - My Quarter 3 List

Let's see....  What might I finish this quarter?

Moda Love Baby Quilt
This quilt replaced the Pot Luck quilt I was stitching for my cousin's expected July newborn.  It should be a quick finish as there's only a label to finish and add now as soon as the little one has been named.

Quilt Now BOM
I would dearly love to progress the hand quilting significantly, if not finish, this quarter.  That's quite ambitious mind you, considering how much there is still to do.  Zoiks!

Cosy Christmas Quilt
Is it wishful thinking to be adding this one to my list again this quarter? Probably, but it's on here anyway.

Just 3 things on my list this quarter in the hope of focussing my attention better and perhaps getting finishes under my belt.  Who knows, it might work?

Linking up to FAL Quarter 3 Proposals.


  1. I so admire how you stick o your plans I seem to hop about allover the place though the last 2 weeks have been good as I am making for a charity stall, one of my daughters volunteered me before asking if it was okay!

  2. Love all your projects! Like you, I only have 3 on my list. It's tolerable that way! :)

  3. Love the colors in your Moda Love baby quilt. I also only have 3 on my list especially as completing blocks for the 2017 Summer Sampler are taking most of my quilting time.

  4. You're projects are sooo cute!! Good luck tackling them this quarter!

  5. Keep it tight , more chance of finishing !

  6. This is a great list of goals! Good luck!

  7. Very pretty projects! Good luck with your third quarter goals.

  8. Love your BOM quilt! Kudos for handquilting it!


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