Monday, 19 June 2017

Baby Quilt Re-think

So, erm, that scrappy Potluck quilt that I was making for my cousin's expected new arrival?

Well, I stitched it together and it just didn't work for me as a baby quilt.  Maybe the colours were wrong and, I know I was a bit disappointed that the low volume diamond pattern in the squares layout wasn't as obvious as I'd hoped.  Whatever it was exactly, it just didn't float my baby gifting boat.

So, I found this pattern on my Pinterest feed for a one block quilt.  It's the Moda Love Layer Cake pattern if you're interested.  Be sure to google or search Pinterest for images of colour placements - lots of lovely ones out there. While the original is made up from a layer cake, I made mine up as 5" finished squares since it's just a wee one I needed.

I was so much happier with this fresh, lively colour mix for a new born!

I added a 2.5" border to finish the quilt at 44" square which is a very useful size for a newborn crib or floor play quilt.

I know you will be shocked that there is no wavy line quilting this time ;-)  Instead, I took the basted pretty away with me a few weekends ago and ruled some lovely chevrons all pointing to the centre.  I even managed to make and stitch on some bright yellow polka dot binding and make a label in preparation for adding when baby arrives and has a name!  Between now and then, I will try to get the binding handsewn in place on the back and just slip the label in to finish at the last minute.

My goodness, I almost feel like my old stitchy self being this prepared! ;-)

And yes, I have added a full sized quilt in this pattern to my "One Day" list!  (As if!)


  1. this makes a beautiful quilt for a baby and liking how you have done the chevron quilting so your retreat was both fun and productive

  2. Very pretty and such a lovely gift!

  3. This is much , well, not that the first quilt isn't "nice", but this is so much more bright, vibrant and fun. Your little new cousin will love it, as will mum and dad. I'm making a quilt for a forthcoming little one (our first grandchild!) and perhaps chevrons would make a nice change from my wavy lines too.


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