Monday, 20 March 2017

Siblings Together - Frame Box Quilt

There has been progress of the finishing kind in these here parts!  Yay!

Last Feb (2016) I started working with my scrap boxes to pull together some Frame Box Blocks - tutorial here - with a view to making a bright, cheery quilt for Siblings Together.  I hadn't expected it to take so long to reach its conclusion but still, it's a finish now and although it didn't make last summer's Siblings Together camps, it will be there on time for this year's camps.

While the mix of fabrics in these blocks wasn't always what I might have otherwise chosen to stitch together, sometimes I think with scrappy quilts I just have to let go of my tendency to order and remember that scrappy quilts are about the bigger picture, not the individual blocks.  So, yes, not all of the blocks are truly beautiful, but look at the overall effect of that riot of colour.  It's not really so bad, is it?  Can you see what I mean about the bigger picture?

I quilted in vertical lines through the blocks in 7 places and twice across the horizontal just to give it a bit better hold.  Where my lines are a wee bit less than straight, a tumble in the wash and dryer have softened them up a bit (and hidden the multitude of wobbly sins).

Finished with hot pink polka dot binding this quilt really does look bright.  I hope that the child who receives it at this summer's camp will be cheered by it and the memories that will be associated with their Sibling through the camp too.  That's what it's all about!

This is a finish for my FAL 2017 Quarter 1 list too.


  1. About color, my theory is that if there is enough of it, is sparkles. I would never have picked all those yellows, but they really make that quilt cheerful. I suspect that just the right child will be there to get this quilt when the time comes.

  2. scrap quilts really appeal to me and this one is so colourful and I am sure will be loved by the child that is lucky enough to be given it

  3. its always that bigger picture, remember that galloping horseman

  4. Very cheerful. I'm such a huge scrappy fan, it's great. On behalf of the 2017 FAL hosts, thanks for linking up and sharing your work! Great Job.


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