Friday, 3 June 2016

Dear Jane: F-8

Dear Jane is now sporting a little red corner.  My fifth block is F-8.  You know how much I love working with red and white fabric, so I am really hoping that I can find more time soon to work on these itsy, bitsy pretties and add more red and white to the other corners too.

I think the blocks take more time to prep than to sew sometimes actually.  Keen (or impatient) as I am to make more progress, I am learning to accept that I simply don't have time like I used to and that it's ok to just allow it to grow slowly.  No real rush, is there?


  1. That little red block is certainly holding its own!

  2. no rush at all, and it is good to let things grow in their own time. You have hands full with a certain sweetheart, who is galloping towards one right now, and needs lots of your time!

  3. No rush at all! And this way we get to savour each block!


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