Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Linen loveliness

I have had some scrappy offcuts of the most amazing Irish linen in my stash boxes for quite a while now and when I needed to make up a little cosmetic purse for my mum's best friend a couple of Sunday mornings ago, I reached for the linen and some scraps of Bonnie and Camille.

I really didn't want to over- fuss this little zippy pouch with extra lace or trimmings because I think the linen just speaks for itself.  So, as you can see I simply stitched little mini-charms into a centre panel front and back, quilted with two discreet lines of stitching either side of the panel and added a pretty floral and paisley print from Scrumptious to allow the lining to be a bit of a feature.

Since I had to give this pretty one away, I took some extra pics.  Above is the front and below is the back.

I promise the pouch is evenly angled on both sides even if my photo makes it look like it's not.

Think I might need to make myself something useful in some more of this linen and B&C - just sayin'.


  1. The linen looks really good with those scrummy Bonnie & Camille fabrics - a really nice gift!

  2. I love linen and this is simply gorgeous!!

  3. It's beautiful and looks so classy!

  4. I love that linen and B&C combo! Such a cute wee gift! Jxo

  5. can I ask where do you get your linen? Amazingly I have found it difficult locally
    Love the cosmetic bag, its great

  6. It's beautiful Sarah. I love the simplicity of it to show of those beautiful fabrics. Well done.

  7. So pretty, I am sure she loved it. x

  8. I've never seen patterned linen like this before. It's gorgeous! Mind if I ask where it's from?


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