Saturday, 4 October 2014

Skateboard piecing

Right about now I will be having loads of fun as a guest of the Brit Bee weekend retreat (and am probably pacing myself for the "appropriate" time to nibble on the amazing homebaked goodness I spotted being prepared for this weekend).  

So while I'm otherwise occupied I'll show you what I was up to last Sunday evening.  I spent several hours trying to overcome some mathematical numptiness as I worked out a skateboard design for a cushion for Hubby's nephew.  For some reason the wheels sections took on a life of their own and proved the most tricky part of this - I still can't figure out why.

It's that time of the year again when my photos will all be taken in horrible night time light so the colours look much more garish here than they really are.  I am still struggling NOT to see a squished Christmas tree bauble instead of that bottom skateboard though!!

When I get this quilted and add a zippered back, it will join the butterfly cushions (which aren't finished yet either) as Christmas pressies.  I am determined not to be sewing gifts the night before Christmas Eve this year!


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  2. I saw skateboards right away! The food on IG looks amazing! Jxo

  3. your perseverence has paid off the skateboards have worked well, half expect them to start moving. Enjoy the weekend with all your fee mates. I this group to do with the bee bocks we make every month?

  4. It looks fab! Hope you're having fun with the Brit Bee girls :)

  5. I think it's the colours in the bottom one that make you think of baubles! It'll be fine...


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