Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Gifts

Well the time is almost upon us and I've been parcelling pressies and making lists to get me through tomorrow's final shopping blast.  Just thought I'd share two more of my handmade presents here (the recipients won't see them so I'm safe enough).

I'm ashamed to admit that the box I found the little Christmas labels in contained other forgotten purchases bought with great intentions and then sadly neglected as a result of a delay in inspiration.  Among my finds was anther strip of labels, this time with funky coffee designs.  I loved them when I bought them and it was such a pleasure to rediscover them a few weeks ago.  Aren't they great?

the raw materials....

Bizarrely there were 11 labels/motifs on the strip which is a weird number to work with, but 2 sets of coasters (4 and 6 respectively) and a cafetiere coaster (just enlarged a little with an extra strip of log cabin and finished with mitred binding) later all 11 have been lovingly put to use.  Or at least they will be shortly.

... the finished product

My really big Christmas present achievement is for my mum and I am so excited / nervous about giving it to her on Saturday.  Inspired by my making my first ever quilt at the Autumn Rags to Bags class, I made a second one as mum's Christmas present.  Actually the quilt is a quillow (a quilt with a clever pocket on the back to allow the quilt to be folded up into a pillow/cushion) and is made up from amazingly clever disappearing nine patch blocks.  Sure enough as soon as mum saw my completed quilt she oohed and aahed over it so I am glad I had already decided to make one for her.  I do hope she will like the colour and fabric choices because they do make it look quite different from mine which was purple and green.  Does everyone feel this nervous about gifting their homemade items?  Anyway, fingers crossed she'll love it.

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  1. I love the wee coasters! They turned out really well. Great idea making a larger one for the cafetiere and a fab way of using those printed fabric strips. The quillow looks amazing too - even better in the flesh! Jxo


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