Tuesday 11 November 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday - Wonky Star Baby Quilt

Are you joining Nicky and Leanne for Scraptastic Tuesday today?    I missed the first link up last month so I'm sharing my scrap related musings today.  The question of what constitutes a 'scrap' is one I think (and write) about quite often.  My time reading other people's blogs has convinced me that everybody has their own ideas on this. Nicky has a useful little list of what she considers scraps here, but I'm sure you all are already thinking of one or two other definitions to add to her list.  Leanne's thoughts on the subject are interesting too.

Perhaps scraps are simply those pieces of fabrics we don't consider 'stash'.  I'm shrugging my shoulders because I'm still not sure and my brain is always telling me that scraps are really only very small pieces.

Anyway, enough waffle. To counteract my brain's notion of a scrap and picking up on Nicky's first listed definition of a scrap - "anything left over from making a quilt" - today I am sharing this baby boy quilt top.

Cute little owls.
The wonky star / 9 patch mixed quilt top is made up of about 90% leftovers from this plus quilt which I made for my cousin's new son last year.  The "scraps" of that quilt were probably in the region of fat eighth sort of sizes, give or take a little and I have supplemented them with a few other fabric scraps in order to stretch them out to a quilt size.

I just love these teeny weeny foxes!

The original woodland themed fabrics were too nice to throw away and yet too specific really to be used in much else than a baby quilt.  Determination to raid my stash and scraps for project fabrics before resorting to purchases has impacted the quilt top somewhat in that it's not as ordered and balanced as it would have been had I chosen an all new fabric selection.  (Control freak alert!) But, therein lies the challenge and point of making scrappy quilts, right?

I treated this quilt to my wavy line quilting and think the yellow binding has really helped to re-balance some of the stronger blue tones a bit.  My same cousin has another baby due on Christmas day so if it's a boy, he can have this partner quilt to his big brother's.  If it's a girl .... well, I have something else in mind for that.

Happy scrapping!

Linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday.

Oh and before I forget, this finish qualifies for one tick off my Finish-A-Long Quarter 4 list!  Yay!


  1. It's beautiful and I did not think it was unbalanced or anything. What is a scrap may be an ellusive concept, I tend to want to consider them small bits but then how can you make strips from small bits, etc. This week I am thinking a scrap is anything that has been cut and is smaller than a fat quarter. But since I mostly just buy fat quaters, that make most of my fabric scraps. I'm glad you are joining us for Scraptastic Tuesday.

  2. LOVE the foxes and the owls!!! Super cute.

  3. Great design, love the colors!

  4. Definitely balanced in my eyes Sarah! Thanks for the shout out and using our button! Think I like Leanne's scrap definition - means she can use anything or even everything

  5. It has turned out beautifully! The quilting really brings it alive! A gorgeous scrappy baby quilt! Jxo

  6. This is gorgeous, and you are being too Obsessive. I know, because I am too! Takes one to know one. You do a great job. cdahlgren at live dot com

  7. very nice Sarah, I am about to make a baby quilt so this has been inspiring

  8. Love wee quilt, I have to say, my definition of a scrap is just what I can't fold up nicely into my FQ cubby holes any more, but it's fairly subjective even then!

    Congrats on the mega pinnie win too, they really are mega!

  9. Very pretty quilt. I am sure it will be loved.

  10. I love the soft colours used, I do prefer baby boy quilts to use other colours too like this instead of lots of blue. x

  11. I absolutely love this quilt! I have made several wonky star quilts, and they are great for using scraps. Yours is fantastic!


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