Sunday, 12 June 2016

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Blocks 41 - 48

Woohoo!!!  48 blocks complete!

There were times with these fiddly 6" blocks that I thought I'd never actually make them all.  Truthfully, not all of them were fun, but they're ALL DONE!!!!

My favourites from these last blocks are no 45 (the red and white in the centre) and no 47 (the green friendship star).  I'm still a little concerned about the pale grey blocks (nos 42 and 48) and whether or not they will look insipid in the quilt as a whole.  Mostly, I have tried to follow the colours of the original quilt design, albeit in prints rather than solids, and so if greys worked in it I'm hoping they'll be okay in mine too.

It feels good to have gotten this far at last.  Next all the blocks will be sorted and assembled in sections to become a mahoosive quilt flimsy.  Before I get to that though I am just going to revel in not having any more 6" blocks to sew for a while! ;-)

Monday, 6 June 2016

Layers of Charm Birthday Quilt

It's my little brother's big birthday this week and I scraped in a finished binding on his quilt just before I threw a little family birthday lunch for him yesterday.  

Of course, there's no way I would ever have completed this quilt on time if it wasn't for the awesome quilting skills of Trudi.  It is great to have a quilter who listens to what you want and knows how to suggest some genius additions too.  Everybody who saw the quilt yesterday absolutely loves how she swirled this quilt but stitched up and down vertical lines in the low volume sections and then spiralled inside that pop of orange.

Can you believe it has been too bright and sunny here for the last two weeks for me to capture the quilting well on camera?

And yes, I forgot to take pics in the midst of food, cakes, two babies, picnic blankets and suncream!

I loved this one so much and it was such a pleasure to gift.  Thanks to the Layers of Charm pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop and some spectacular Trudification, this quilt turned out every bit as lovely as I'd hoped for my brother, who was amazed by all the science fabric I had collected for it.  And yes, I forgot to take pics of him sweltering under it on a sun chair in the midst of food, cakes, two babies, picnic blankets and suncream!

Friday, 3 June 2016

Dear Jane: F-8

Dear Jane is now sporting a little red corner.  My fifth block is F-8.  You know how much I love working with red and white fabric, so I am really hoping that I can find more time soon to work on these itsy, bitsy pretties and add more red and white to the other corners too.

I think the blocks take more time to prep than to sew sometimes actually.  Keen (or impatient) as I am to make more progress, I am learning to accept that I simply don't have time like I used to and that it's ok to just allow it to grow slowly.  No real rush, is there?

Monday, 30 May 2016

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Blocks 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40

In the past couple of weeks, I've seen a few folks finishing the Moda Modern Building Blocks quilts via IG and Bloglovin and it has made me itch to get on with my own.  Seems to be taking me FOREVER, don't you think?

So, here are six blocks to edge me a little closer to the full 48.  Top row left to right are blocks 35, 36 and 37, and the bottom row are blocks 38, 39 and 40.

Block 35 looks a bit meh in these pale greys, I think.  Fingers crossed it'll be ok in the whole quilt.  As you can see 36 and 37 are the same design with different colour values and placements. 38 and 40 are similarly alike but different.  Block 39 (middle of bottom row) is sadly quite wonky in the centre but I think the photo accentuates it further - eep!  Anyway, 40 blocks in to this quilt I'm a little bit passed requiring perfection, so I will live with it.  Can you tell there's a sense of just wanting this thing done?

40 blocks down, just 8 left to go.  I can do this!!!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Happy Days BOM - Months 3 & 4

With Month 5 of Sarah Fielke's Happy Days BOM almost upon us, I thought it was time to show you where I've got to.

I last left you in early April with pics of a few prepped blocks and hopes of sewing them on some car journeys.  Alas, best laid plans and all that ...  Never did quite manage them then, but I've been snatching some late night stitches and block 1 (the bird) and block 19 (the hearts and tulips) are now complete.

Poor birdie may develop a small beak complex due to my not so great positioning (it's pale pink so isn't showing very well on this photo), but look at his gorgeous clipped tail.  Thanks to Sarah for great instructions on turning inside curves and snips.

I think this block design is really pretty.  My photo is a wee bit overexposed and those tulips are not as bleached out looking in real life.  I'm pleased with how this one came together.  I'm learning a lot from this BOM and top of the newly acquired lessons is that there is a LOT of work in these blocks, but I am so enjoying every stitch.

With those two blocks ticking off Month 3, a little behind schedule, but ticked off nonetheless, it was time to get the ruler and sewing machine out again for a bit of piecing.

Block 13 is a pieced star with which I had great fun making fabric combinations.  I really do love my (mostly) Lori Holt fabric pull for the coloured prints in this quilt.  With such a host of pretties to choose from, it would be hard not to end up with a beautiful block.

More fun prints for the teacup posy in Block 3.  I admit I struggled with my fabric positioning for the teacup and the contrasting rim in this block.  I tried so many times to get them just right so they'd match perfectly when the seams were needle turned, but it just wasn't happening. I must have misunderstood something.  So, some fudging ensued and I don't suppose you'd really have noticed if I hadn't mentioned it.

Block 2 is a Hawaiian appliqué block. As you can see, I haven't quite managed to finish it before the month's end.  Hawaiian appliqué is something I have never tried before and with nice tutorial support from Sarah, I'm not finding it to be as difficult as I had feared.  It is time consuming though (or maybe I'm just slow).  Still, I'm quite pleased that I managed to make up so much ground in terms of the other blocks this month and I'm really only a teeny, weeny bit falling behind.

So, I wonder what Sarah will challenge us with for June?  I think I saw a cute bunny hopping its way on to a block on her IG feed.  Bring it on - Happy Days!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Bee Blessed - May 2016

Hello Folks!

Long time no chat.  It's all go here, but just not of the stitchy kind.  Mind you, those Bees over at Bee Blessed never stop, so they need some more blocks from you lovelies to keep them hard at it.  This month they're calling for some scrappy Frame Box blocks using my easy, peasy tutorial.

They are hoping to grow something along these lines to make into fabulous quilty hugs for folks who need them.  Hop on over to the Bee Blessed blog for all the details (and here for a wee peek at the faces at the helm).  Deadline for receipt of blocks in 18th June, so get going!  I'm a little late sharing this month, but seriously these blocks are very quick, so spare an hour and make a few for Bee Blessed, and if you get addicted to making them, don't blame me!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Blocks for Siblings Together

You might have seen that the one woman quilt making wonder, Nicky, over at Mrs Sew and Sow, is having a block drive for Siblings Together.

I grabbed some squares from my 4.5" pre-cut scraps and got to work late one night. They are nice simple blocks and took very little time to come together. Nicky has requested pre-quilted blocks so that she can join the quilts in a QAYG method, so a wee bit of echo quilting and ta da they were done.

The blocks are now on their way to Nicky who will likely have them incorporated in a quilt by the middle of next week, maybe even before! Nicky truly is amazing. If you haven't been following her blog or her IG account I highly recommend that you do. I love how she can take a block and turn it into an amazing scrappy wonder or use a collection of blocks in a way I had never imagined. I love being surprised by the paths she takes. Check out this fluttery butterfly medallion she made recently. She's truly a wonder, I tell ya!

Anyhow, please consider joining Nicky's efforts by sending her a block or two for her quilt drive. She has a really big heart for the Siblings Together charity and is pressing on to achieve the 100 quilts total for this year's summer camps. All the details of the block drive are here. Go on, you know you want to!

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