Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Quilt Now BOM - part 4

I'm just about squeezing these Quilt Now BOM blocks in before the next instalment arrives!  When my aqua fabric arrived at the weekend I couldn't wait to get started on adding the border to finish part 3 and make a start on part 4.

Unpicking little bargello tubes.

Reene's chosen skill for the part 4 blocks was the bargello tube.  I'm not entirely sure I'm sold on the tube process, but that might be more because unpicking on such short lengths seemed to take too much time and I've been unusually impatient lately.  However, I can see how much quicker this technique would make piecing long bargello strips so it's a useful skill to know about.

Don't look too closely at my blocks as there are more wobbly bits than I'd like and some are just a tad under size.  I foresee a little fudging to fit them in to the remainder of this border!  I wonder what Reene has planned next?


  1. Really like the aqua border. Lovely colour for framing.

  2. Love the part4. This looks like fun :)

  3. The aqua is perfect! And I know the squared blocks will look fab when they are integrated into the medallion. Jxo

  4. Looking great Sarah :) They will be just perfect! You know my work is never perfect so expect plenty of wiggle room in everything :)


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