Tuesday 9 September 2014

Sew Together Bag

I never did quite get back to you at the weekend about my next matchstick quilting project, but there is IG evidence to prove that I did actually get it finished over the weekend.  Huge thanks to my IG cheerleaders whose encouragement kept me at it.

Want to see what I made?

First of all, let me tell you that back in the summer the very sweet Rachel from The Floral Suitcase sent me all her Bonnie and Camille scraps when she was having a clear out.  Isn't that lovely of her?  Wonder how she knew I love B&C? ;-)

So, I decided a little gift of thanks was in order but with hols and school starting back and all sorts of other dull stuff I only just got around to making her a little something this weekend.  I thought I would tackle the Sew Together Bag pattern as it's such a handy bag and I LOVE the one I was gifted and use it all the time.

Things got in a bit of a muddle but thankfully the Quilt Barn's Sew Together Bag Sew Along came to the rescue and things started to take shape.

The sew a long posts are a valuable additional resource if you are thinking of working with this pattern (esp if you are a visual learner).  All my zippy bits lined up nicely.

The matchstick quilted panel forms the outer of the bag and gives is quite a bit of structure.  I was really pleased with my effort, especially the scary binding part.

I didn't do a perfect job but I'm sure Rachel will forgive the wibbles here and there and enjoy filling it full of all her sewing gadgets and notions.

Thank you for your kindness Rachel - I will have lots of fun working your scraps into my future B&C projects.

Oh yes, and I may have started another bag with more matchstick quilting.  This one is a secret so shhhhh!!!!


  1. It's truly awesome! And it was v.well received!! Jxo

  2. Lovely make Sarah. I've got the pattern but it looks quite involved :)

  3. Beautiful! And you have the matchstick quilting down pat.

  4. what a lovely gift and so practical too, but all those zips, bit beyond me!

  5. Looks awesome and well done for jumping right in to make a second!

  6. Love your bag and keep wanting to try some matchstick quilting.

  7. I have one of these on my wanna-make list. How big does it finish? I'm thinking either my sock knitting notions (a ball of yarn too maybe?) OR a travelling sewing kit for guild. Your matchstick quilting is inspired for this!

  8. It's lively I'm sure Rachael will love it!

  9. Oh it's gorgeous !!! Love the quilting but have neither the thread or the patience to try it myself :-)


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