Sunday 1 September 2013

Double Four Patch - Bee Blessed September

If your September is anything like mine, it'll be a crazy month as term time swings back into action and the summer fades swiftly to a dim hazy memory.  So, just to break us all back in gently to the resumption of normal services, I've chosen a great wee simple block for Bee Blessed this September.

Two Double Four Patch Blocks

This double four patch is the kind of block you will be able to whip up in 15 mins when you just want to regain a wee bit of stitchy sanity.  So why not hunt out your summer sewing leftovers and give this block a go?

The aim here is to use white solid and have 6 different prints in each block where possible for a really scrappy look.

Assume a scant 0.25" seam throughout.

Cut 2:  6.5" squares (each a different fabric)
Cut 4:  3.5" squares white solid
Cut 4:  3.5" squares (each a different fabric)

1.  Lay out your pieces as shown above taking care with the placement of the white solids as this will affect the secondary pattern of the quilt.

2.  First of all make up the smaller four patches.  Lay the pairs of fabrics right sides together and chain piece them.

Woeful picture - sorry!

3.  Press the seams of your pairs towards the coloured print.

Another one!

4.  Now join your pairs into 2 four patches by butting the seams and stitching together.

5.  Press this seam open.

6.  Now return the four patches to your table and carefully replace them in the correct layout.

7.  Now treat the four quarter units of your block as another four patch.  Start by laying each pair right sides together.  Join with a seam and press the seam towards the larger fabric square.  Again, butt the seams of the two pairs to join all four quarters together.

 8.  When all four quarter units are joined, press the final seam open.

9.  Take your block back to the board and trim to 12.5" if nec.

Ta da!

Told you it was easy peasy, didn't I?  You probably didn't even need this tutorial, but I added it just in case.

Hope you might consider having some simple fun and joining in with the scrappy blocks!  Thank you if you do.


  1. Looking good and the secondary pattern will be great too.
    Nice and easy to slide us in, just the thing.

  2. So I will do some today and mail on Tuesday as we have a Monday holiday here. Do you want any more of last month's blocks, which I did not get to yet or just a few of these?

  3. This will make a super quilt.

  4. Great tutorial and lovely block! Hoping to make one or two if my machine ever gets out of the shop!


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