Friday 15 November 2013

Mystery Medallion Quilt - Border 2

This week I've had the calculator out again to do the maths for the second border on my Mystery Medallion Quilt.  I left the quilt at 24.5" unfinished (24" square finished dimensions) after the first border, so I had plenty of options mathematically for the next one.  Units based on 2", 3", 4", 6", 8" or 12" all work beautifully when you have 24" to play with.

In the end, I decided to make the border 4" wide (finished) using 8 square in a square blocks and 40 flying geese.  Lots of piecing later she looks like this -

This pic is a close-up of the ducks (more Westfalen fabric) for Katy.

It's really interesting how each border changes the look of the quilt and the balance of colour.  So far I'm pleased with my progress, though I am learning that this type of quilt feels like it grows very quickly with each round unlike a quilt of 12" blocks.


Here's what I did

Border 2 - bringing unfinished size up to 32.5" square
40 flying geese pieced into 8 units of 5 geese each
8 square in a square blocks

For the flying geese:
Cut 80:  2.5" squares background fabric
Cut 40:  2.5" x 4.5" rectangles from print fabrics

For the square in squares:
Cut 8:   3 3/8" squares for centres
Cut 16: 3 3/8" squares background fabric for corners.  Cut these squares once on the diagonal to give the required 32 corner triangles.
Using these measurements should give you a generous block of approx 5" square which you should them trim evenly to 4.5" square.  Measurements for these square in a squares were helpfully published on  The size chart at the bottom is a useful reference to measurements for other sized square in a square blocks too.

The square in a squares were positioned at each corner and in the centre of the borders between the sets of 5 flying geese.

(I have added a new tab at the top for this quilt and will update it as I go along to keep all the details in one easily referenced spot. You know, just in case you decide in three months time you're going to have a bash at making one of these quilts for yourself.)


  1. Your quilt is beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  2. thi sis coming along a treat a lovely piece, both the colours used and the designs work so very well together. wondering what will be added next

  3. This is coming along beautifully Sarah. What a fantastic border!

  4. Great border!! I love the on point squares in the middle.

  5. This quilt is growing into a beauty. I lie your choice of fabrics and colours. Di x

  6. This will def. be on my personal to do list! Beautiful! Jxo

  7. Love your geese Sarah! I have talked about making a medallion quilt too and this looks gorgeous! Love the red/white theme - are you continuing with that?

  8. so pretty! thanks for sharing all the tips along

  9. Every time I see a picture of this quilt I double tap on my screen as if it was on IG! I really like it x

  10. Looking great, but I'm glad Hadley got her rulers and calculators out for ours lol

  11. i just found your blog..your quilt is wonderful


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