Friday, 1 November 2013

Bee Blessed Block - November

Blimey, what happened to October?  It feels like it really cannot be time to post a new block for Bee Blessed again but the calendar tells me that my feelings are misleading and November is upon us!

So here's the block we will be making this month - 

This is the quatrefoil block and it's one of my favourites!  I always think it looks so much more complex than it actually is to make.  The Modify Tradition tutorial works very nicely for this block so I don't propose to reinvent the wheel, but just a note re cutting: you can cut 8 2.5" white squares instead of the 21" strip suggested in the cutting instructions if you prefer.

Colours:  Please use plain white solid where I have and 4 other fabrics of your choice.

While you're over at Modify Tradition you should have a look at their other block tutorials (list in right hand column).  It's a very nice little resource to bookmark if you're not already familiar with them.

Hope you enjoy the block!


  1. Hi Sarah, lovely block. any directions regarding colours

  2. I love the quatrefoil too. Hope I get chance to make it amongst the busyness.

  3. I have made this one before, it is a lovely block. I shall put making a couple for you on my list.

  4. another block I want to have a try at, my list is so so long!


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