Tuesday 1 October 2013

Bee Blessed October Scrap Buster

It's that time again folks.  Time to tell all you wonderful generous Bee Blessed contributors what blocks we are making this month so that you can join in with us.  Ready for it?

This month I've decided that we need to work on busting those strippy bits in our stash, so the block is a quarter logcabin scrapbuster (for want of a better name or description).  Here's the how to:

Quarter Logcabin Scrapbuster Block - 12.5" unfinished

Assume 0.25" seam allowance throughout.

Colours:- please use fabrics in the mid-range of colours, ie not too dark (no navy, bottle green, brown or black).

You will need:

1 square of white cotton any size between 3.5"square and 6" square
selection of straight cut strips, varying widths.

Starting with your white square, add strips in a log cabin fashion first to the top and then to the right of the square.  Press all seams away from the centre.

Continue adding strips of varying width to the top and side building your block until it measures a little more than 12.5" square.

You should aim to have the final strips on each side measuring more than 1" when joined to your block.  Making the block a little larger than 12.5" will make it easier to achieve this without a lot of complicated calculations.

Take your oversized block to the cutting board and trim it carefully to 12.5"making sure that you keep the white square a square (if you trim the square on any one side, make sure you repeat on the other or you will end up with a white rectangle instead) and leaving the depth of the outer strips measuring at least 1" .

And, that's it, one block all pretty and complete.  If you enjoyed that, you could try another one.  I did.

I am hoping that these blocks will look as good in a quilt as they do in my head.  I think the randomly sized white squares will converge in a fun way

and then, on the secondary pattern there will be a lovely craziness of scrappy.  Well, fingers crossed.  Over to you now to prove me right!

Have fun reducing your scraps all in a good cause, and thank you in advance.


  1. This is going to be such a cool quilt! My kind of block! Jxo

  2. I think this quilt is going to be beautiful. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the finished version as I fancy a quilt like this for myself. And I think my seething jealousy over your pixilated heart quilt might have eased sufficiently to post about it. Gorgeous doesn't even cover it, worth all the agonising over!!

  3. Just made you a couple - was so eager, I forgot to comment here!! xxx

  4. this looks like a bit of fun to do, have not got many scraps but will make a few blocks.

  5. Well my intentions are good but hold that thought!!! Di x

  6. Ha, you're on a scrappy roll now!

  7. I really like this - thanks for the how-to. It's a nice change from the precise log cabin. For sure I'm going to give it a try. Thanks again.

  8. I just made you a few - can you e-mail me with your address to post them to you please. Thanks Tanya x


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