Sunday, 30 June 2019

Mini Archie's June Furtle

Archie The Wonder Dog

Hello Furtlers!  It's good to be back after a couple of months AWOL.  Best laid plans and all that ...

I am pleased to report that I managed to finish up two WIPs in June.

Firstly, this Bonnie and Camille On Point Charm Square quilt

and then, rather out of season, my Chunky Cut Christmas Quilt.  

Ticking WIPs off the list feels good,

except, it just encourages me to believe its a good excuse to start something new 

 with a leaders and enders bonus starting alongside - oops!

Oh, and in the spirit of full confession, I also started a By Annie Hold Everything Bag, too!  I think that makes 3 new WIPs in place of the two I finished.  Not great maths, is it?  Maybe I'll finish the bag soon and at least break even again!

Although this embroidery doesn't strictly belong to June's stitching, I have only just been able to reveal it this month as it was for a birthday present.

Happy to report that I am continuing to sew from stash on all of these projects and have even broken out the ever growing box of 2.5" squares to begin using up in the leaders and enders blocks.  I've got to be really honest, though and say that except for the Christmas fabrics, you would really hardly notice that much difference in my stash.  It's so odd that it seems to take a lot longer to reduce than to accumulate.  Must try to remember that and ration my purchases accordingly in future!!

I'm also excited to have booked a place on Just Jude Design's first ever quilting retreat.  So happy to have a retreat here in NI, finally. A whole weekend of stitches all to myself!!!

Finally, have you listened to the Great British Quilter podcasts yet?  If not, you really should go and hear a little bit more about the stories behind some of the famous faces of our quilting community.  Sarah Ashford has done a lovely job of engaging with Jo Avery and Kerry Green already.  I am sure there are more great interviews planned.

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  1. You've been busy! I feel like there isn't really a season for using up stash, even Christmas stash. Well done.

  2. Two finishes?! Hooray! *waves pompoms* Three starts? Uh oh...

    Thanks for linking up!


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