Sunday, 12 March 2017

Quilt for a New Little Star

I've been snatching little bits of time late on weekend nights to progress the scrappy wonky stars quilt for my cousin's new arrival and thought I was on target to make a finish before his mid-March due date, but he beat me to it by putting in an appearance last weekend!  Thankfully, by then, I had the top together and quilted with my go-to and much loved wavy lines.

So, some scrappy binding and a label was all it took to finish it off.

I'm looking forward to meeting this new little bundle of energy and gifting him his quilt soon. Of course, I'm also happy to be able to call this a second finish for my FAL Quarter 1 list.

Just to show you how hard it is to get quilt pics around here these days, here are the outtakes from my attempt to lay a quilt flat and snap a picture -

Um, yeah, this is the trade off for daylight pictures!! Lol!


  1. Sarah, what a beautiful gift you made for your cousin's baby! It looks like your little one loves it as much as he will! I've always been fond of wonky stars and the way you paired them with low volume fabrics is brilliant!

  2. What delightful 'quality control' that quilt is experiencing to make sure it's ready for the recipient. And that quilting is perfect with this design.

  3. a lovely quilt and good to see your little girl looks so healthy following her heat surgery

  4. Gorgeous quilt and an even more gorgeous photographic assistant!

  5. Your little star looks great and it looks like she loves quilts. This one is beautiful!

  6. The sense of mischief coming off your little precious daughter is wonderful! She has a zest for life, which I hope she will keep for always!

    Oh, and the quilt is also lovely!

  7. The quilt is lovely but it is completely upstaged by Cutesy! Brilliant out-takes! Jxo

  8. What a gorgeous quilt - congratulations for the FAL finish! I am sure this will be much treasured through the years!


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