Thursday, 10 November 2016

Family Tree Plans

I'm planning again. 

This will be my last start of 2016, honest Guv! Well it will be, assuming I actually make a start on it now that I have extracted the ideas that have been floating about my head for the past couple of years and found the "design" I'm after.

Once upon a time, I thought it would be a great idea to make a Family Tree quilt but I didn't get much further than that. Then, there were a number of family changes followed by the arrival of two new little "leaves" and, because I wanted this Family Tree to record everybody's names (embroidered) I needed to wait and see what said new little leaves might be called.  So, the idea floated and flittered around in my ever decreasing brain capacity until lack of time and a wee bit of fear meant I kept putting off and off bringing it to reality.  A few weeks back, prompted by a gorgeous autumnal wallhanging of Judith's in Pretty Patches magazine I knew I needed to make my Family Tree happen.  You should take a peek at Judith's beauty here.

My tree is a completely different shape from Judith's and coincidentally, very similar to the Mulberry brand tree as has been pointed out by some lovely IG peeps.  I am a bit ignorant of such things, so please don't be cross Mr Mulberry.  I was actually going for something similar in design to this block I made for Colette in hipBees some time back.

Where Judith's magazine pattern has really helped is giving the construction information which helped me to simplify an idea I was making unnecessarily complicated.  So, embroidering leaves, bondawebbing and quilting a background fabric - here I come!

With any luck it won't take me another two years to choose the fabrics and I can have a wee portable embroidery pack on the go very soon!


  1. It's such a brilliant concept - can't wait to see your family tree. Here is the link to my blog post: Jxo


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