Saturday, 1 March 2014

Bee Blessed - March 2014

For those of you curious to know what block we have chosen to alternate with the gorgeous heart blocks you made and sent us in February, well, here she is ...

Yes, it's Pippi!  We're going to have another go at Pippi since she was so much fun last time around.  Can you believe that was almost two years ago?!  To give you an idea of what we are thinking, here's my Pippi surrounded by loads of love -

If you fancy adding a Pippi or two to all of the fabulous hearts we received last month the instructions are here on Judith's original post.  There's no need to fear this improv style block as Judith's tutorial will lead you through the process very gently. I promise!  Please use a solid white for the background, keep Pippi nice and bright and go for a bright scrappy border.  

Have fun with Pippi's dress fabrics and perhaps you can give your Pippi a more svelte waistline than I managed with mine!


  1. LOL! At least your Pippi doesn't have 1 fat leg like mine!! Jxo

  2. OMG you two are hilarious! I need to have a look a Judith one now *gg*
    She is lovely and just the right shape .. don't be so picky!

  3. great blog, will attempt it but don`t hold your breath

  4. Oooh this will be fun. I didn't do her first time around

  5. Hope you get a whole army of Pippi blocks.

  6. Pippi surrounded by love, perfect!

  7. Very cute combination with Pippi and the hearts!


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