Sunday, 25 August 2013

Siblings Together Block Drive Updates

I have been a bit slow to post the latest arrivals for the Siblings Together Block Drive so it is with apologies particularly to Rhonda and Frances that I show you these today.  I did have the pics all ready to post just before my hols and hoped to use Blogsy while I was away to share them with you all.  But  in a stunningly dim move, I left the little lead that connects my camera to my ipad at home so the photos were here but I was not!

So, here are the lovelies sent by Rhonda all the way from Tennessee -

from Rhonda

more from Rhonda
 and these gorgeous zigzag blocks are from Frances in the Netherlands -

from Frances

again from Frances

Arriving home from our holiday last night, two of the parcels in my mountain of post contained these yummies from Audrey

from Audrey

who thought she had made a mistake making a yellow block , so she made another blue one for the quilt

Audrey's apology block

I'm secretly a bit glad she thought the yellow was a mistake (which it isn't) because I love the navy print she has included in this one!  But ssshhh, don't tell I said that.

And then the very generous Anne B sent me some extra blocks from Down Under -

from Anne B - the bottom print is a great wee design
 of little motifs from around the world
So, thanks to all your very generous block donations I now have 33 blocks in this little pile, with a number of pledged blocks still to arrive before the end of October.  

I think there will be two amazing international quilt tops from all of these wonderful churn dashes you ladies have stitched up for the Siblings Together project.

As always, I cannot thank you enough - you are stars!!


  1. I am one of those pledges-I will get them done this week while I know I have the time

  2. a lovely selection of blocks

  3. Do you need anymore? Let me know, I'd be happy to make some :)

  4. Can't wait to see the finished tops!Jxo


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