Saturday, 1 December 2012

Pressie Planning

When it dawned on me that my MIL has a special birthday next summer, that she is so positive and encouraging about my sewing and that I haven't really made her anything substantial yet, a little thought occurred to me.

If I could make her a sampler quilt of her own for the special birthday then I could also precede it with a cushion that would match it for her Christmas pressie.  Two gifts decided in one little thought - result!

Hubby and son agreed with the plan. Lovely son helped me choose fabrics he thought Nanny would like

Modern Meadow and a taupe scroll co-ordinate.

and I did a little research for a nice block to make up into her cushion.

FYI - this book is a very handy resource for 501 different blocks.  It's not the most exciting book on the inside but it does come with handy tables for making the blocks in a number of different sizes and little block diagrams of how to assemble them. (Should try to take a pic of that for you next time.)

Grandmother's Choice block

Anyway, my son was very interested in the block designs and the names they had and he chose this one - Grandmother's Choice - because he liked the appropriateness of its name for his Nanny's Christmas pressie cushion.  The block wasn't too difficult to make even if I did have to unpick and rearrange a few pieces as I hadn't paid attention to the direction of the pink print (smart!).

After adding a wee border and basting, I tried (honestly I did) to FMQ in the block.  Three times I tried, but it was AWFUL with capital letters all the way through!  I just don't seem to be able to shift the fabric around smoothly and ended up with teeny weeny tight stitches and then great big jumpy ones.  On the basis that I need a finish this side of Christmas (!) I hung up my FMQ boots and opted for a little outline quilting.  I'm not madly happy with how this works but can't quite put my finger on why.  Possibly because I had the FMQ vision in my head and this is not it.  I don't know.

Anyway, we now have a pressie half way to completion.  If I'm very diligent tomorrow I'll be able to make the quilted envelope backing and check it off my "shopping" list - fingers crossed!


  1. I love, great block choice and fantastic fabric. Love the idea of a sampler quilt

  2. I love that your son is helping through the whole process. Maybe see if he can fmq instead? I am right with you on not being able to do it. Only my electronic help makes me capable and I remember being so annoyed at the class I did where everyone else managed - except me!

  3. Love your block choice. I have only tried stippling as far as free motion goes and my stitches are always uneven lengths. But having looked at stuff I've been sent in swaps it seems it's quite a common problem and doesn't detract from the overall work.

  4. Well don't you worry about FMQ because you are just great at what you do. Love the colour choice and block. Can't wait to see the quilt- eventually.

  5. I love making cushions as there is something deeply satisfying in the making. I guess that they come together quickly but still have the feel of a mini quilt. I think that you have hit on a good idea for your MIL and I'm sure that she will appreciate the thought that went into the making of it. Di x

  6. Love your 'grown up' pinks! That boy of yours has great taste! Jxo

  7. Lovely fabrics, Sarah, and an even lovelier block! You've a very lucky MIL!

  8. Hi Sarah, can I ask where you got your fabric from...been looking for that colour of Joel Dewberry herringbone for a while now. You have just confirmed why, it looks fantastic!


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