Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bee Blessed June Block

Hello Folks!

June's Bee Blessed block is inviting all you cool girls (and guys) to go square.  Are you up for it?  Just temporarily?

Back in January/February when we had a period of making up sampler blocks for Bee Blessed I had a wee go at designing my own block primarily to make use of some very small Soul Blossoms scraps.  The result was this block

This photo should actually be rotated 90 degrees for correct piecing (sorry).
which I subsequently called "Very Square Like Me" and which we are going to make our June block.

And here's another gorgeous version made by Judith -

So if you'd like to stitch along with us, bust some scraps and donate blocks to Bee Blessed this month, here's what you need to do:

The block is made up from a centre square surrounded by a series of borders pieced together in the courthouse steps fashion (adding alternate sets of opposite sides at a time, rather than working in a round like the log cabin).  Your completed block should measure 12.5" unfinished (measurements will allow the block to finish slightly larger so that you can trim it down).

For our Bee Blocks please work borders C and F in white and borders B and E in a second solid of your choice.  Other colour choices are completely over to you.

Measurements (assumes piecing with a 0.25" seam throughout):

A   Centre square - cut 3.5" square (lovely for fussy cutting if your fabric allows)
B   Solid border - cut 1" wide
C   White border - cut 1.5" wide
D   Border of pieced squares - cut 20 2" squares
E   Solid border - cut 1" wide
F   White border - cut 2" wide

To make up the block:

Start with the centre square A and add border strips B to the left and right sides, and then to the top and bottom.  Throughout press seams away from the centre square as you go.

Now add white border strips C to the left and right sides, and then to the top and bottom.

For the pieced squares border D:  join 2 sets of 4 squares together and add one set to each side of your block centre.  Join 2 sets of 6 squares together and add these pieced square borders to the top and bottom of the block centre.

Now add border strips E - again left and right first, followed by top and bottom.

Finish the block with border strips F - adding left and right pieces first and top and bottom pieces to complete.  Trim your block evenly to 12.5" square.

Easy peasy!

Hope you'll want to have a go at this month's block - it's going to look great in a quilt.  Thanks in advance if you do!


  1. I promise my block looks much more square in real life!!!! Great tute! So glad blogger is behaving now! Jxo

  2. I love the blocks both of the fabrics that you guys picked are beautiful! I think I will make this with some of the 2" squares that Moda makes. They call them Moda candy!

  3. I love this block. It is a great way to use up some scraps. I will try and give it a go. Di x

  4. Thanku Sarah, Luverly block :-) I will give it my best shot! Tx

  5. Charming! Thank you Sarah! Love your arrangement, and your fabrics!


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